Commercial Security Alarm Monitoring


Someone breaks into your office and it’s after hours or you’re on vacation! Would you even know about it? How would you like to not only have peace of mind knowing that your place of work is being monitored and the police are on the way, but you also received a text alerting you of the break-in on your mobile phone.

At Exclusive Alarms Services, we’re dedicated to providing superior customer support that meets your specific needs. We offer ou 24-hour U.L. Listed Monitoring Center Services and the following packages to monitor your system(s).

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • A state-of-the art monitoring station
  • A monitoring package custom tailored for your home
  • Up to 20% off your homeowner’s insurance
  • Be monitored for not only break-ins but fire/C02 leaks, smoke and even water leaks
  • All from a local home security company, right in your very own neighborhood

Call now to secure your place of business: 888-490-3380 or, fill out the form and a representative will get back to you at your requested time.

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